Tristar RA-2995 Raclette
Spülmaschinenfestes Zubehör Ja
Griffe mit Hitze-Isolierung Ja
Regelbarer Thermostat Ja
Kombinierte Brat-/Grillplatte Ja
Materialplatten Aluminium-Druckguss
Einfach zu reinigen Ja
Auswechselbare Platten Ja
Grillflächenmaterial Aluminium-Druckguss
Gehäusematerial Kunststoff
Maximale Temperatur 215
Anti-Rutsch-Füße Ja
Antihaftbeschichtung Ja
Kabelaufwicklung Nein
Integrierte Handgriffe Ja
Leistung 1400
Kontrolllampen Ja
Grill- und Flachbackplatten Ja
Geeignet für 8
Abnehmbare Grillplatte Ja
Frei von Bisphenol-A Nein
Multifunktion 4 in 1
Material Backblech Aluminium-Druckguss
Flache Platte Ja
Anzahl der Heizelemente 1
Steckertyp F
Garantie 2 Jahre
Abnehmbare Auffangschale Nein
Funktionen Backplatte Gourmet Grillen Raclette
Grillplatte Nein
Farbe Schwarz
Anzahl der enthaltenen Gabeln 0
Überhitzungsschutz Nein
Integrierte Crêpefläche Nein
Anzahl der Pfannen 8
Pfannen mit Antihaftbeschichtung Ja
Thermostat mit Leuchtring Ja
Rezeptbuch enthalten Nein
Bereitschaftsanzeigen Nein
Plattengröße 47 x 23 cm
Zubehör inklusive Nein
Hot Dog/Wurstwalzen Nein
Fondue-Pfanne Volumen N/A
Tragegriffe Ja
Teigausstecher Nein
EAN Item/Giftbox 8713016029959
Brand Code 0
Produkt FAQ
Unfortunately it is not possible to use pans other than those supplied with the appliance. Each appliance has different pans: the thickness, material and shape are specifically designed for your appliance.
This is possible, although this extends the cooking time. Gourmet pans are used as follows if a grill plate is present. Our advice is to place the gourmet pans under the grill plate (raclette/au gratin function). Pieces of meat for example can be placed on the grill plate.
As the plates have a non stick coating it's not necessary to use butter or oil. It's recommended to use a little butter or oil for the flavor of the food.
When using an extension cord, make sure it is grounded and in good condition. Also, the diameter of the cord should be equal to the diameter of the cord on the appliance itself. A reel should always be unwound. Note: make sure your guests/dining companions cannot trip on the cord!
Temporarily place your pan on a heat resistant coaster.
During use the thermostat will constantly control the temperature, due to this the thermostat will shut down when the desired temperature is reached and it will automatically turn back on when the temperature is lowered.
Peeling of the non-stick coating is usually caused by scratches in the pans, which are caused by using sharp metal objects. Therefore, use only wooden or plastic spatulas in the pans.
Step 1: Unplug the device and let it cool down.
Step 2: Wipe the inside and the edges of the appliance with a paper towel or a soft cloth.
Step 3: Clean the appliance with a damp cloth.

1) Never use harsh and abrasive cleaners.
2) Never immerse the device in water or any other liquid.
3) The device is not dishwasher proof.
Make sure that you remove all packaging and stickers from the outside and inside of the product. Clean all the different parts with hot water and dry them well! You can then start using your appliance.
This may have various causes. First, check that the voltage on the appliance matches the voltage of your power mains. Then, make sure the plug is properly connected to the socket. Plug the appliance into the electrical outlet and check that the indicator light switches on.
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