FireFriend BQ-6325 Trolley
Saison-Artikel Sommer
Steckertyp NO PLUG
Zuammengeklappte Größe 10,5 x 81,5 x 44
Abmessungen 66,5 x 86 x 43
Anzahl der Räder 2
EAN Item/Giftbox 8713016064141
Brand Code 16
Produkt FAQ
This is possible, however, cleaning with a mild detergent is also sufficient
1) Check if the gas cylinder still has gas inside.
2) Place the barbecue in a position with the controls heading into the wind direction to prevent the flames from being blown out.
Step 1: Let the barbecue cool down completely.
Step 2: Switch the knobs on the gas tabs to OFF.
Step 3: Clean the grill surface with a mild detergent.
Step 4: Clean the grill surface with hot water.
Step 5: Clean the exterior of the burner with a brush, remove persisting debris with a metal scraper.
Step 6: Clear the opening of the burners with a paperclip ending.
Step 7: Clean the drip tray with a mild detergent.

Let op:
1) Never use a wooden toothpick for cleaning an obstructed opening as it can break and obstruct the opening.
2) The opening of the gas tap must be placed in the center of the burner after you have removed and cleaned it as it can lead to serious injuries.
You can buy your gas cylinders at your local gas supplier or at the larger camping shops.
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