Tristar AC-5408 Klimagerät (Inverter)

Artikel-Nr. AC-5408
Mit dem Tristar AC-5408 Klimagerät schaffen Sie problemlos das Raumklima, das Ihrem persönlichen Wohlbefinden entspricht. Das Klimagerät besteht aus einem Innenmodul und einem Außenmodul, dass Sie auf dem Dach oder an einer Außenwand anbringen können. Kein Chaos mehr mit einem aus dem Fenster

Mit dem Tristar AC-5408 Klimagerät schaffen Sie problemlos das Raumklima, das Ihrem persönlichen Wohlbefinden entspricht. Das Klimagerät besteht aus einem Innenmodul und einem Außenmodul, dass Sie auf dem Dach oder an einer Außenwand anbringen können. Kein Chaos mehr mit einem aus dem Fenster heraushängenden Schlauch oder undichten Wassertanks, sondern stattdessen das ganze Jahr über eine angenehme Zimmertemperatur.

Passen Sie die Einstellungen individuell an
Die Kühlleistung des AC-5408 Klimageräts beträgt 18000 BTU und 5,5 kW. Damit eignet sich die Klimaanlage für Räume bis 176 m3. Der produzierte Luftstrom beträgt 850 m³ pro Stunde. Die Temperatur können Sie innerhalb eines Bereichs zwischen 16⁰C und 31⁰C vorwählen. Das Klimagerät bietet drei verschiedene Betriebsarten: Kühlen, Entfeuchten und Ventilator.

Sehr geräuscharmer Betrieb
Beide Module des Tristar Klimageräts arbeiten sehr leise, so dass Sie auch für das Schlafzimmer geeignet sind. Das Betriebsgeräusch des Innenmoduls beträgt nur maximal 56 dB und das des Außenmoduls 65 dB. Sie empfinden das immer noch als störend beim Schlafen? Dann können Sie den Sleep-Modus wählen, in dem das Klimagerät noch leiser ist.

Einfache Bedienung
Die Bedienung der Tristar Klimaanlage ist sehr einfach. Dank Fernbedienung können Sie das Innenmodul problemlos auch aus der Distanz steuern. Sie können auch den Timer programmieren, damit sich das Klimagerät von allein an- bzw. ausstellt. Das Klima in Ihren vier Wänden haben Sie somit jederzeit unter Kontrolle, auch wenn Sie schlafen oder es sich in Ihrem Sessel bequem gemacht haben!

Tristar Innenmodul, Außenmodul, 3-m-Schlauch, Fernbedienung, Bedienungsanleitung

Gründe für die Wahl des Tristar AC-5408 Klimageräts:

  • Kühlleistung 18000 BTU und 5,5 kW zur Kühlung von Räumen bis 176 m3
  • Mit Gebläse und Entfeuchter ausgestattet
  • Mit Fernbedienfunktion und digitalem Timer ausgestattet
  • Niedriger Energieverbrauch: Energieeffizienzklasse A
  • Solide Lösung zur Erzeugung eines perfekten Raumklimas über das gesamte Jahr
Regelbarer Thermostat Ja
Kontrolllampen Ja
Kabellos Nein
Saison-Artikel Sommer
Kühlmittel R410a, 1280g
Energieklasse A+
Schlauch Ja
Schlauchlänge 3
Fernbedienung Ja
Steckertyp F
fluoriertes Treibhausgas Ja
Pdesignc 5100 Watt
Geeignet für Räume bis zu 176
Luftstrom 850
Globales Erwärmungspotenzial 2088
Pdesignh 5100 Watt
Schlaf-Modus Ja
Kühlleistung 2.8-5.5
Netto-/Bruttogewicht Inneneinheit 14 / 17
SEER 5.6
Netto-/Bruttogewicht Außeneinheit 45 / 51
CO2-Äquivalent in Tonnen 2.67264
EAN Item/Giftbox 8713016054081
Brand Code 0
Produkt FAQ
For an answer to your question we'd like to refer you to our warranty conditions. Check here to make sure your request complies with all warranty conditions.
According to the F-gas regulation, only F-gas certified mechanics is allowed to install the installation. You can contact CHIGO air conditioning for a mechanic: +31 50 5020043
There is a big legal difference between the installation (put into use of a system) and the mounting of a system. According to the F-gas regulation installations can only be conducted by a F-gas certified mechanic under responsibility of a F-gas certified company.
Yes, without a problem. We recommend to use a protective cover to prolong the life of the appliance.
Yes, this doesn't have any influence on the system. Make sure tough that the condensate drain descends. If the condensate drain has to go up, you can mount a condensate drain pump in between.
Tristar air conditioners are one of the most quite air conditioners available. Depending the required cooling capacity, the sound level is between 29dB(A) and 39dB(A). The sound level of the outside-unit is maximum 49dB(A). To compare: rustling leaves produce 20 dB(A) and a conversation produces 60dB(A).
you should insulate and tape the connections behind the indoor-unit otherwise there will be condense behind the indoor-unit. The couplings of the outside-unit will condensate, which is normal.
Yes, this is a legal obligation since the outside-unit is placed outside. Besides, without a grounded socket, leak current can exist on the outside-unit which can lead to dangerous situations.
The energy use on a annual basis is surprisingly low. The costs of use of an air-conditioning are heavily dependent of the way of using the system. A large part of the costs can be reduced by keeping doors and windows closed, closing the sunscreen and setting the thermostat. Frequent maintenance is also very important. All the Tristar air conditioners have an A-energy label, which means that they are very energy efficient. On average a Tristar air conditioner uses 500 Watt/hour (depending on the model's capacity). At the energy cost of 22ct/KWh, the air-conditioning costs 11ct per hour of cooling.
The main point is to let a qualified F-gas mechanic under responsibility of a qualified F-gas company, check the air-conditioning at least once a year. Beside this you can check and clean the filters frequently. You can also clean the outside-unit from leafs and other dirt.
For every room a calculation can be made for the needed capacity. There are many factors to be taken into account.

Some examples:
1) Does the room have a flat roof?
2) Does the room have many windows/glass?
3) Is there a sunscreen?
4) Are there a lot of heat sources in the room like computers and lights?
5) Are there many people in the room?

A rule-of-thumb for normal rooms is 30Watt/m³ (30 Watt of cooling power per cubic meter). a 9000BTU air-conditioning = 2500Watt 2500/30 = 83m³.
It depends on the room in which you want to use the air conditioner how much power the air conditioner needs to have. For example, if you want to use the air conditioner in a room of 4m x 5m x 2,5m, then the air conditioner needs a reach of at least 50m³. With every air conditioner there's an indication of the reach.
If the air-conditioning is used daily, the filters should be cleaned once a month using a vacuum cleaner. You can also wash the filter.
You can call the CHIGO air-conditioning helpdesk for a personal advice: +31 50 5020043. If they can't help you through the phone, an employee will visit without engagement for advice and/or an offer for placing.
As with every electrical appliance connected to a power-source, it can be damaged by extreme voltage swings with thunder, especially when the metallic outside-unit is high-placed. We recommend to unplug the air-conditioning in case of an imminent storm. If it is difficult to reach the plug, you could use an overvoltage protection.
Yes, the pipes can be lengthened up to 8 meters without a problem. You can order a pipe set and two couplings at your local retailer or on this website. Under spare parts & accessories you can find all the spare parts and accessories for this product.
1) Is the capacity sufficient to cool the room?
2) Make sure all doors and windows are closed. Avoid sunlight from getting into the room. Turn off as many heat sources as possible (lights, electrical appliances, PC's, copying machines).
3) Check if the set temperature on the remote isn't to high.
4) The air-conditioning doesn't work efficient if the filter is blocked or dirty.
5) Check if the airflow isn't set on it's lowest position. If so, set it to a higher position to increase the cooling capacity.
6) Check if the in- and outlet of the inside- and outside unit aren't blocked.
7) Check if there is a sufficient amount of cool air flowing. If not, it could be that cooling fluid has been used up with a resulting decreasing capacity. In this case we recommend you to contact CHIGO air-conditioning (+31 50 5020043).
When the cooling starts, it's possible to hear a whistling or gargling sound. This sound arises when the cooling fluid flows through the air-conditioning. This soft sound is mostly only present for a short while. When the appliance is started or stopped, a squeaky might be heard. This sound arises in the inside-unit because parts expand or shrink due temperature changes.
1) Make sure that the air-conditioning is set to cool and not on auto or ventilation.
2) Check if the (sleep) timer is set.
3) Check the set temperature. It could be that the temperature in the room is lower than the temperature set with the remote.
4) Check if the filters are blocked or dirty.
5) It could be that the cooling fluid has leaked and the capacity decreased.
If you suspect this, we recommend you to contact CHIGO air-conditioning (+31 50 5020043).
1) If there is water coming out of the inside-unit, you should turn off the air-conditioning immediately.
2) Make sure condense water pipe is aligned properly without any bends in it. Check if the pipe isn't blocked.
3) Open the lid of the inside-unit and check if the dust filters are dirty. If so, this can lead to icing on the filters which in turn can lead to leakage. Furthermore a leakage can damage the inside-unit. If the filters are clean and there is icing on the cooling unit, turn off the system and contact CHIGO air-conditioning (+31 50 5020043). The system used up the cooling fluid and has to be refilled.
1) Check the batteries of the remote.
2) Check if the air-conditioning hasn't been set with the timer-function.
3) Check if the remote is locked.
4) If you just turned the air-conditioning off and on, the security mechanism of the compressor is active. There have to be at least 3 minutes in between turning the appliance off and on.
5) Check the fuse in the fuse box.
There is not enough cooling fluid in the machine. The system is designed with an exact amount of cooling fluid.
1) Did you lengthen the pipes to a length longer than 8 meters?
2) Did you vent the appliance for to long.
3) Did the system leak at one of the connections?
If you suspect so, turn off the air-conditioning and contact CHIGO air-conditioning (+31 50 5020043).
Otherwise the pipes would have to much loss of capacity and they would start to condensate.
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