Always look your best with Tristar! Always feel your best, both inside and out, with the Tristar hairdryers.
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Tristar HD-2366 Geschenkset Haartrockner & Haarglätter
Artikel-Nr. HD-2366
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Tristar HD-2359 Reisehaartrockner
Artikel-Nr. HD-2359
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Tristar HD-2358 Haartrockner
Artikel-Nr. HD-2358
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Tristar HD-2333 Haartrockner
Artikel-Nr. HD-2333
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Tristar HD-2322 Haartrockner
Artikel-Nr. HD-2322
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    No more bad hair days! With the Tristar hair dryers, they are a thing of the past. The compact travel hairdryer easily fits in your suitcase and has sufficient power to dry your hair. Are you looking for a hairdryer for everyday use? Then take a good look at what type of hair you have and think about what your wishes are. Do you have thick hair, which takes a long time to dry? Then choose a hairdryer with a high wattage and an extra heat setting, so that the air flow is strong and hot enough. Do you use a hair dryer to style your hair? With the cool shot function, you style your hair with cold air, so that it is fixed in place.

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