Tristar HD-2333 Haartrockner

Artikel-Nr. HD-2333
Kompakter 1200 W Haartrockner mit einklappbarem Handgriff. Ideal für die Reise!
Kompakter 1200 W Haartrockner mit einklappbarem Handgriff. Ideal für die Reise!
Gehäusematerial Kunststoff
Leistung 1200
Leistungsstufen 2
Steckertyp C - CEE 1/17
Einklappbarer Handgriff Ja
Überhitzungsschutz Ja
Haken zur Aufbewahrung Ja
EAN Item/Giftbox 8713016023339
Brand Code 0
Produkt FAQ
Special styling products can also provide more positive ions. All studies and tests took place on hair in its natural state, unaffected by external styling products
No, the ionic effect lasts only until your hair gets back into contact with positive ions. This is done by firmly brushing your hair or some other kind of friction in a positively charged environment.
There is not yet any evidence or information for this.
It makes no difference if the ions are applied to straight or curly hair, they have the same effect. In contrast, the sheen effect will work better on straight hair, because it reflects light better.
Ions are a natural part of our environment. By friction, for example by brushing, the hair becomes positively charged, dull, lifeless and static. The ionic technology solves this: a stream of negative softening ions wraps around each hair. Hairs become supple again and take on a smooth satin finish.
This depends on the amount of positively charged ions in the environment, what you do with your hair after ionization (brushing or other friction), what products you use (shampoo, conditioner, styling products, ...) and the condition of your hair at the time.
The ions generated by our appliance are harmless. This is confirmed by toxicological tests, carried out by external experts.
The secret to soft, protected and healthy hair is to use this highly advanced technology that makes static electricity a thing of the past. The temperature can be precisely set and the infrared heat is evenly distributed
This technology eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and toxins in your hair. As a result, hair does not dry out and retains its colour. For natural, shiny hair
The ion-function produces negative ions which neutralizes positive ions in the hair. This makes the hair less dull and static. Furthermore it lets the hair shine.
With the concentrator you can concentrate the airflow on your hair.
The diffuser helps you give your hair more volume.
This technology stimulates the emission of negative ions and heat, which keeps the hair moist and hair cuticles closed. This helps maintain the presence of natural oils and allows you to effortlessly achieve the same result as a hairdresser.
Probably not. In many cases new appliances sometimes produce an odour when they are first used. This is normal and it stops after you have used the appliance several times. If it does not stop, clean the appliance with a damp cloth after it has cooled. When you heat it up the next time, the smell should have disappeared
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