Tristar TR-2587 Nasen-und Ohrenhaartrimmer

Artikel-Nr. TR-2587
Tristar TR-2587 Nasen-und Ohrenhaartrimmer
Tristar TR-2587 Nasen-und Ohrenhaartrimmer
An/Aus Schalter Ja
Reinigungsbürste Ja
Leistungsstufen Ja
Kabellos Ja
Steckertyp NO PLUG
Farbe Schwarz
Abdeckung Ja
Gummierte Handgriffe Ja
Ohr-/Nasentrimmer Ja
Leichtes Gewicht Ja
Kompakt Ja
EAN Item/Giftbox 8713016025876
Brand Code 0
Produkt FAQ
Yes, this can happen, but you can easily prevent this:
Do not apply too much pressure and do not push the appliance too hard on the scalp.
Be careful when touching up the contours around the ears in order to not cut the ear lobe. Fold the ear lobe as necessary when cutting around the ears.
Yes, you can clean the shaver under the tap. Be careful with hot water, always check the temperature of the water to avoid burning your hands. Note: never dry the shaving unit with a towel because the loops of the towel can get caught in the shaving heads and damage them.
You can recharge the appliance as often as you like. This will not damage the battery pack.
Yes, you can use an alcohol-base pre-shave lotion prior to shaving without any problem. The use of an alcohol-based pre-shave lotion can however damage the material of your shaver. Use of pre-shave lotion prior to shaving does not affect the inside of the shaver or the operation of the shaver. Note: if you use an alcohol-based pre-shave lotion prior to shaving, always wash your hands before picking up the shaver. Alcohol-based lotions dry the hair and make hairs stand up, allowing for an easier shave.
Yes. But only for short hairstyles with a remaining hair length of 41mm.
No, your hair must be completely dry before use.
Remove the comb by pulling it from the appliance. Never pull the flexible top of the comb, but always pull from the bottom part.
Yes, the Wet & Dry appliance is waterproof, but some are not. You can use the Wet & Dry rechargeable appliance in the shower. It is not recommended to cut your hair or shave when wet, because then the hair cannot be lifted by the comb.
The appliance can be used for cutting and touching up the hair on your head. Do not use it for other purposes.
Clean the appliance after each use, as hair always remains stuck in the appliance. Do not use aggressive detergents, abrasives or liquids such as alcohol, benzene or acetone (nail polish remover) to clean the appliance.You can rinse the appliance and the comb with (hot) tap water. Switch off the appliance and remove the adapter from the wall socket before cleaning the appliance. Then remove the comb/shaver head from the appliance. Rinse the comb/shaver head and rinse the outside of the cutting element under the tap. Press the top-centre of the cutting element with your thumb until it opens.Clean the appliance under warm running water to remove cut hair that has accumulated in the cutting attachment.
This may have various causes, namely: the comb is not properly attached. Remove the comb from the appliance and reattach it. Make sure the comb correctly slides into the grooves until it clicks. Thoroughly clean the appliance. It may have become dirty through use. Make sure the comb is still intact.
You should replace the shaving heads every two years for an optimal shave.
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