Tristar WK-1338 Wasserkocher

Artikel-Nr. WK-1338
Schnurloser 1,7 L Wasserkocher in elegantem, gebürstetem Edelstahl Design. Das Gerät ist 360 Grad drehbar. Dank seiner hohen Leistung von 2000 Watt, kocht das Wasser nach kurzer Zeit.
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Schnurloser 1,7 L Wasserkocher in elegantem, gebürstetem Edelstahl Design. Das Gerät ist 360 Grad drehbar. Dank seiner hohen Leistung von 2000 Watt, kocht das Wasser nach kurzer Zeit.
Gehäusematerial Edelstahl
Anti-Rutsch-Füße Ja
Kabelaufwicklung Ja
Leistung 2000
Kontrolllampen Ja
Hitzebeständiges Gehäuse Ja
An/Aus Schalter Ja
Verdecktes Heizelement Ja
Maximale Füllmengenmarkierung Ja
Frei von Bisphenol-A Ja
Automatische Abschaltung bei Erreichen der Temperatur
Inhalt 1.7
Verschließbar mit Sicherheitsverschluss Ja
Trockenkochschutz Ja
360° drehbar Ja
Heizelemente Ja
Kabellos Ja
Art des Controllers Ketsol
Füllmengenmarkierung Ja
Steckertyp F
Überhitzungsschutz Ja
Außenliegende Wasserstandsanzeige Ja
Automatisches Abschalten Ja
Thermometer enthalten Nein
EAN Item/Giftbox 8713016004352
Brand Code 0
Produkt FAQ
The filter can best be rinsed under the tap and brushed to remove loose lime and to prevent the filter from becoming clogged by limescale. You can also soak it overnight in diluted lemon juice or white vinegar.
You can use a water (50%) and white vinegar (50%) solution to descale your kettle.

1) Fill the kettle to well above the heating element and let it soak for about one hour.
2) Subsequently rinse thoroughly a few times with clean water. You can carefully remove remaining lime particles with a dishwashing brush.

If you use undiluted vinegar, we recommend leaving the vinegar to soak for less time (depending on the amount of limescale). You should not bring the vinegar solution to a boil. The effect of the vinegar will then be too aggressive. The smell of vinegar will also be stronger and will remain in your kettle.

IMPORTANT: Do not use decalcifiers based on sulphuric acid.
The exterior can be easily cleaned with a soft damp cloth, use a little vinegar if necessary.
Never use metallic pan scrubbers, (liquid) abrasive detergents or any other type of cleaning agent to clean the kettle. These detergents can affect the colour of the plastic.

Never immerse the kettle, the cord, plug or base in water or any other liquid!
In most cases this is caused by boiling water while the lid of the kettle is still open. This stops the kettle from automatically switching off.
This is usually caused by limescale. Descale your kettle.
In some areas, water has a high iron content, which allows limescale to make the kettle black or brown.
In most cases this only occurs during the first use, you should discard this water. If the problem persists, fill the kettle to the Max level and add 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Bring the water to a boil and then throw it away. Rinse twice with boiling water.
If you live in an area with hard water, this is quite normal, and is caused by calcium and magnesium in the water. Again, regular descaling is very important. If you would like to find out more about the hardness of the water, we recommend that you contact your water company.
Throw away the remaining water after use. Always make sure there is enough water in the kettle before use. If you live in an area with hard water, do not wait until there is a significant build-up of limescale in the kettle before descaling
Hot water can burn you and your children, this is something everyone should remember at all times. A kettle is not a toy!

- Place your kettle as far away from the edge of the worktop as possible so that children cannot reach it.
- Do not hold a baby or child on your lap or in your arms when drinking or carrying a hot beverage.
- To avoid damaging the plastic, do not place the appliance near a heat source.
- Do not use the kettle if it is on an unstable or uneven surface.
- The kettle should only be used for boiling water.
- Never use the kettle without water as this will damage the heating element.
- Never open the lid when the water is boiling and carefully handle the appliance when it is filled with hot water.
- Do not operate the appliance if the kettle, base, cable or plug are damaged.
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