When it is a nice sunny and hot day, with the Tristar airconditioners, you always have the perfect temperature.
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<p>Suffering from mildew or moist air in your house? The Tristar AC-5410 dehumidifier solves both problems in an easy way. It has the capacity to collect up to 10 litres a day so can be used in room up to 20 m2. Thanks to the compact size the dehumidifier is also suited for usage on a boat, caravan or cellar. </p><p><b>Low noise level</b><br>The Tristar dehumidifier has a low noise level so it is perfect for indoors. The dehumidifier automatically switches off when the water reservoir is full so you do not have to worry about spillage. Use a dehumidifier if you are suffering from clammy or musty air, or to get rid of moisture in the air after a flooding or leak.</p><p><b>Simple to move</b><br>Thanks to the integrated handle the Tristar dehumidifier is easy to lift and move around. This way you are able to dehumidify room by room or even take it with you on vacation in your caravan. A great position for it is also in your laundry room.</p><p><b>Relieves respiratory problems</b><br>A dehumidifier can be a solution for people suffering from asthma or respiratory problems. It can even relieve a cold, so it goes away faster.</p><p><b>Use it together with an air-conditioner</b><br>To make your air-conditioner work more effectively it is best to get rid of redundant moisture in the air with the Tristar dehumidifier. Dry air is easier for an air-conditioner to cool so using a dehumidifier does not only makes your room cooler faster, but also saves energy.</p><p><b>What’s in the box:</b><br>Tristar dehumidifier, instruction manual</p><p><b>Reasons to choose the Tristar Dehumidifier:</b><ul><li>No more mildew or clammy air with a dehumidifier</li><li>Container with 2 litre capacity and daily capacity of 10 litres</li><li>Integrated handle and lightweight so you can easily move it</li><li>Can relieve colds, allergies and respiratory issues</li><li>Suitable for rooms up to 20 m2 or for your boat, caravan or basement</li></ul>
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    Would you like to have a cool breeze on a hot day? There is an air conditioner that is suitable for your situation. The compact, mobile air conditioners are easy to move and often have a large range, so that they can be used in different places. Do you always need cool air in the same room? Then a split unit air conditioner is a good idea. These powerful air conditioners have an indoor unit and an outdoor unit and cool a room in no time. An extra advantage of the spit unit air conditioners is the integrated air humidity control, which means that you do not only control the temperature, but also the relative humidity.

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