When it is a nice sunny and hot day, with the Tristar airconditioners, you always have the perfect temperature.
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<p>Create the ultimate indoor climate you find pleasant with the Tristar AC-5426 Split Unit Air conditioner. This airco consist out of an indoor unit with remote control and an outdoor unit that you can install on your roof or mount to an outer wall. No more messing around with hanging a hose out of the window or leaking water tanks, but a pleasant cool room, all year round.</p><p><b>Adjust to your own preferences</b><br>The cooling capacity of the AC-5426 Air Conditioner is 9000 BTU and 3.2 kW, which makes the air conditioner suitable for a room up to 88 m3. The produced airflow is 500m3 per hour. You can select the temperature yourself with a range from 16⁰C to 31⁰C. The air conditioner has three different operation modes: cooling, dehumidifying and fan.</p><p><b>Operates very silent</b><br>Both units of the Tristar Split Unit Airco are very quiet which makes this airco also suitable for usage in your bedroom. The indoor unit produces maximum 47 dB and the outdoor unit 63 dB. Do you still find this annoying while sleeping? You can select the sleep mode so the airco will work very silently.</p><p><b>Easy to control</b><br>Operating the Tristar air conditioner is very easy. Thanks to the remote control, you can easily control the indoor unit from a distance. You can also set the timer so the air conditioner activates or deactivates itself. Therefore, you can control the climate in your home at all time, even when you are asleep or from the comfort of your chair!</p><p><b>What’s in the box:</b><br>Tristar indoor unit, outdoor unit, 3 meter hose, remote control, instruction manual</p><p><b>Reasons to choose the Tristar AC-5426 Split Unit Air conditioner:</b></p><ul><li>Cooling capacity of 9000 BTU and 3.2 kW to cool a room up to 88m3</li><li>Provided with a fan setting and dehumidifier</li><li>Remote controlled and provided with a digital timer</li><li>Low energy consumption: energy class A++</li><li>Durable solution to create the perfect indoor climate all year round</li></ul>
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    Would you like to have a cool breeze on a hot day? There is an air conditioner that is suitable for your situation. The compact, mobile air conditioners are easy to move and often have a large range, so that they can be used in different places. Do you always need cool air in the same room? Then a split unit air conditioner is a good idea. These powerful air conditioners have an indoor unit and an outdoor unit and cool a room in no time. An extra advantage of the spit unit air conditioners is the integrated air humidity control, which means that you do not only control the temperature, but also the relative humidity.

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