Do you want to provide your Tristar griddle with extra accessoires or did a replaceable part of your griddle get broken? Fortunately we sell parts and accessoires for our fans. For example, you will find replacements for thermostats and grease trays so your griddle can stay in use. When you want to make the most out of your griddle we also offer spatulas and non-slip feet. View the range of our accessoires and parts for our griddles below. Are there any spare parts or accessories missing or not orderable? Please let us know by filling out this form. We will make an inventory of the incoming requests and check if we can source the parts or accessories.

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Tristar Princess XX-297301 Coloured pan (6 pcs)
Item No. XX-297301 Out of stock
8713016708700 979
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€ 12,95 Not available
Tristar Princess XX-297044 Thermostat
Item No. XX-297044 In stock
8713016704597 979
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€ 9,95
Tristar XX-2967126 Power cord
Item No. XX-2967126 In stock
8713016706744 0
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€ 10,95
Tristar Princess XX-2960125 Wooden spatula
Item No. XX-2960125 In stock
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€ 2,95
Tristar Princess XX-2834138 Thermostat
Item No. XX-2834138 Low stock
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€ 11,95
Tristar Princess XX-2834129 Grease tray for BP-2834
Item No. XX-2834129 In stock
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€ 4,95
Tristar XX-141535 Temperature knob
Item No. XX-141535 In stock
8713016705556 0
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€ 3,95
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