Always look your best with Tristar! Always feel your best, both inside and out, with the Tristar personal scales.
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Tristar WG-2429 Pèse-personne
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Tristar WG-2428 Pèse personne
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Tristar WG-2424 Pèse-personne
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Tristar WG-2422 Balance avec analyse corporelle
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Tristar WG-2421 Pèse-personne
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Tristar WG-2419 Pèse-personne
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    Personal scales

    Would you like to lose some weight? The Tristar scales tell you whether you have or not. Are you looking for an accurate set of scales? Then choose scales with a digital display, which displays your weight to the nearest gram. Would you prefer to have a full body analysis? Then choose the body analysis scales. These scales inform you of your health based on your body weight, fat percentage and muscle percentage.
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