Tristar MX-4199 Mixeur plongeant

No. d'article MX-4199
Mixeur plongeant d'une puissance de 800W. Ce mixeur plongeant très silencieux dispose d'un pied en inox, d'un variateur de vitesse, d'une fonction turbo et d'un bol gradué.
Mixeur plongeant d'une puissance de 800W. Ce mixeur plongeant très silencieux dispose d'un pied en inox, d'un variateur de vitesse, d'une fonction turbo et d'un bol gradué.
Pièces compatibles au lave-vaisselle Oui
Entretien facile Oui
Matériau du revêtement Corps plastique
Rangement du cordon Non
Puissance 800
Témoin(s) lumineux de fonctionnement Non
Démontage facile Oui
Nombre de vitesse 5
Matière des lames Acier inoxydable
Fermeture avec système de sécurité Non
Accessoires inclus Pied en inox amovible
Fonction des disques NA
Nombre de lames 2
Design ergonomique Oui
Sans fil Non
Finitions en inox Oui
Fonction turbo Oui
Alimentation Electricité
Type de prise C - CEE 1/17
Garantie 2 ans
Matière principale Acier inoxydable
Couleur Blanc
Verre doseur Oui
Bouton ergonomique Oui, 2
Réglage de vitesse Électronique
Arrêt automatique Non
Pied amovible en inox Oui
Fonction pulse Oui
EAN Item/Giftbox 8713016039965
Brand Code 0
FAQ - Produit
Clean the motor housing clean with a damp, soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or sharp and hard brushes and do not clean the appliance in the dishwasher. Fill the blender with warm water and some detergent immediately after use. Briefly run the blender, as described in Use. Subsequently rinse the blender bowl, lid and cap with clean water and dry them. The bottom closure with the blade can be screwed off in order to clean it. To do so, turn the bottom closure counter-clockwise. Remove the blade. Clean the blade with a brush. Make sure that the blade with the seal is placed back in the correct place in the bottom closure. Place the bottom closure with seal and blade into the blender bowl from underneath Turning clockwise, tightly close the bottom closure. If the safety switch on the housing can no longer be operated with the contact pin, the bottom closure has not been properly screwed on. If needed, tighten it further.
Store the power cord in the appropriate storage space in the base of the blender.
This depends on the quantity and ingredients, but is always very short. The average time for mixing is approximately 30-60 seconds.
Never open the lid when the appliance is turned on. If you have switched it off, wait to open the lid until the blade stops completely. Gradually increase the mixing speed, instead of switching the appliance on the highest speed from the beginning.
The pieces you are trying to mix are probably too big or too hard. Reduce the size or amount of food and add more fluid, or slowly increase the speed.
If you're using the blender, you can remove the small cap to add ingredients.
It is quite normal for a new appliance to produce an unpleasant smell or some smoke the first few times it is put to use. This phenomenon will disappear after you have used the appliance several times. The appliance can also emit an unpleasant odour or smoke if it is used for excessively long periods. When this happens, switch off the appliance and let it cool for 60 minutes.
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