Always look your best with Tristar! Always feel your best, with the Tristar personal care products. This category contains all the health and beauty products.
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Tristar HD-2322 Asciugacapelli
Articolo nr. HD-2322
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Tristar HD-2333 Asciugacapelli
Articolo nr. HD-2333
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Tristar HD-2358 Asciugacapelli
Articolo nr. HD-2358
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Tristar HD-2359 Asciugacapelli
Articolo nr. HD-2359
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Tristar HD-2360 Piastra per capelli
Articolo nr. HD-2360
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Tristar HD-2366 Set regalo asciugacapelli & piastra
Articolo nr. HD-2366
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Tristar HD-2399 Arricciacapelli automatico rotante
Articolo nr. HD-2399
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Tristar HD-2400 Spazzola lisciante
Articolo nr. HD-2400
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Tristar MP-2395 Roll per Pedicure
Articolo nr. MP-2395
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Tristar MP-2396 Set elettronico per unghie
Articolo nr. MP-2396
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Tristar MP-2397 Set pulizia viso
Articolo nr. MP-2397
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Tristar MP-2398 Set per unghie e Roll per pedicure
Articolo nr. MP-2398
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Tristar TR-2544 Trimmer
Articolo nr. TR-2544
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Tristar TR-2552 Tagliacapelli
Articolo nr. TR-2552
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Tristar TR-2561 Tagliacapelli
Articolo nr. TR-2561
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Tristar TR-2563 Regola barba
Articolo nr. TR-2563
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Tristar TR-2587 Trimmer naso e orecchie
Articolo nr. TR-2587
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Tristar WG-2419 Bilancia pesapersone
Articolo nr. WG-2419
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Tristar WG-2421 Bilancia pesapersone
Articolo nr. WG-2421
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Tristar WG-2424 Bilancia pesapersone
Articolo nr. WG-2424
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Tristar WG-2428 Bilancia pesapersone
Articolo nr. WG-2428
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    Personal care


    Create the right look with the Tristar haircare products. The best product for you depends on the type of hair you have and your wishes. Do you want to blow-dry your hair in no time at all? Then choose a hairdryer with a high wattage. Its powerful air flow will dry your hair quickly. Do you want to dry your hair and style it at the same time? Then choose a styling brush. This brush has a 2-in-1 function: you style your hair while drying it. Or would you prefer to have less hair? With the hair clippers and hair trimmers, you can quickly and easily cut your hair or trim your beard.


    Keep a close eye on your health with the Tristar health products. Would you like to lose some weight? Closely follow your weight with our standard scales or body-analysis scales. Would you like to do more than just lose weight? With the blood pressure monitor, you will quickly find out more about your physical condition.
    Keep your hands and feet in top condition. With the Tristar foot baths, you will think you are at a health spa. And keep your nails in perfect condition with the nail care sets.


    No more bad hair days! With the Tristar hair dryers, they are a thing of the past. The compact travel hairdryer easily fits in your suitcase and has sufficient power to dry your hair. Are you looking for a hairdryer for everyday use? Then take a good look at what type of hair you have and think about what your wishes are. Do you have thick hair, which takes a long time to dry? Then choose a hairdryer with a high wattage and an extra heat setting, so that the air flow is strong and hot enough. Do you use a hair dryer to style your hair? With the cool shot function, you style your hair with cold air, so that it is fixed in place.


    Straight or curly hair, what do you prefer? With the Tristar hair straightening irons and curling irons, you can style your hair exactly as you want to. With the straightening irons, you can make your hair smooth and straight in no time at all. Or would you prefer a fun, curly look? The curling tongs give you perfect curls! Can you not decide between straight or curly hair, or do you just like to change your hairstyle every now and then? The rotating brushes not only dry your hair, but also help you to style it just how you want it.


    Quickly achieve the desired result with the Tristar hair trimmers. Style your beard or hair with the Tristar hair trimmers. Thanks to the different attachments, you can decide how long you want your hair.


    Would you like to lose some weight? The Tristar scales tell you whether you have or not. Are you looking for an accurate set of scales? Then choose scales with a digital display, which displays your weight to the nearest gram. Would you prefer to have a full body analysis? Then choose the body analysis scales. These scales inform you of your health based on your body weight, fat percentage and muscle percentage.

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