Do you want to provide your Tristar vacuum cleaner with extra accessoires or did a replaceable part of your vacuum cleaner get broken? Fortunately we sell parts and accessoires for our vacuum cleaners. For example, you will find floor brushes and dust compartiments for our Multi cyclone vacuum cleaners. We also offer multiple kinds of filters, dust bags and tubes. And for our wireless vacuum cleaners we among other things sell batteries and adapters. View the range of accessoires and parts for our vacuum cleaners below. Are there any spare parts or accessories missing or not orderable? Please let us know by filling out this form. We will make an inventory of the incoming requests and check if we can source the parts or accessories.

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EasyClean EC-0A05 Sacchetto polvere AEG/Electrolux/Progress/Volta
Articolo nr. EC-0A05
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EasyClean EC-0M02 Sacchetto polvere Miele G/N
Articolo nr. EC-0M02
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EasyClean EC-0S01 Sacchetto polvere Philips/Electrolux/AEG
Articolo nr. EC-0S01
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EasyClean EC-0U04 Sacchetto universale/AEG/AFK/Princess/Tristar
Articolo nr. EC-0U04
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Tristar SZ-1981 Batteria e Alimentatore
Articolo nr. SZ-1981
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Tristar XX-190901C Portasacco
Articolo nr. XX-190901C
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Tristar XX-190902NLL Tubo flessibile
Articolo nr. XX-190902NLL
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Tristar XX-190903 Tubo telescopico
Articolo nr. XX-190903
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Tristar XX-190905 Filtro
Articolo nr. XX-190905
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