All kinds of sandwiches, sealed at a high temperature and nicely browned, crispy on the outside and hot and tender on the inside. Nothing is more delicious then cooking your food this way. With the Tristar sandwich makers you can prepare your sandwiches to perfection.
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Tristar SA-3065 XL Sandwich maker
Art nr. SA-3065
Tristar SA-3060 Sandwich maker
Art nr. SA-3060
Tristar SA-3056 Sandwichmaker
Art nr. SA-3056
Tristar SA-3052 Tosti-ijzer
Art nr. SA-3052
Tristar SA-3050 Sandwichmaker
Art nr. SA-3050
Tristar SA-2198 Sandwich toaster
Art nr. SA-2198
Tristar SA-2151 Sandwichmaker
Art nr. SA-2151

    Sandwich makers

    The Tristar sandwich makers give your sandwiches a crispy crust and keep the filling in the sandwich. The preshaped moulds also make your sandwich look great. The sandwich makers have a non-stick coating, so the appliance is very easy to clean. Most of the sandwich makers are small, so they can easily be stored when not in use.

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