Vacuuming is easy if you have the right equipment! With the Tristar vacuum cleaners, cleaning becomes simple.
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    Vacuum cleaners

    An extra clean and fresh home with Tristar!

    Vacuuming is easy if you have the right equipment! With the Tristar vacuum cleaners, cleaning becomes simple. Vacuum cleaners can be divided into different categories: traditional vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner which is most suitable for you depends on your situation.

    Traditional vacuum cleaners can be divided into vacuum cleaners with a dust bag and vacuum cleaners without a dust bag. The bagless vacuum cleaners have the advantage that items that are sucked up by accident can easily be found and you save on the cost of dust bags. The advantage of a dust bag is that it can be quickly, easily and hygienically replaced and it often has a larger capacity than a bagless vacuum cleaner.

    A cordless vacuum cleaner is ideal for difficult-to-reach places or if you have to vacuum a number of stories. This vacuum cleaner is more manoeuvrable and lighter than a traditional vacuum cleaner, so you do not have to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. The upright vacuum cleaner is also available as a cordless model. The battery allows you to vacuum for about 30 minutes without stopping.

    The vacuum cleaners come in different energy classes and have different sound levels. If you think energy consumption and/or sound level are important, take a look at the energy label and the decibels produced.

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