Are you looking for a way to relief from the heat? Get a cool breeze with the Tristar fans. From small box fans up to the larger tower fans. Tristar fans can cool every room in your house.
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Tristar VE-5804 Ventoinha de Pé Inox
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Tristar VE-5805 Ventoínha de Pé Inox
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Tristar VE-5810 Ventoinha de Tecto
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Tristar VE-5815 Ventoinha de Tecto
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Tristar VE-5817 Ventoinha de Tecto
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Tristar VE-5821 Ventoinha
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Tristar VE-5823 Ventoinha
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Tristar VE-5824 Ventoinha
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Tristar VE-5828 Ventoinha
Nº Produto VE-5828
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    Box fans

    Are you looking for a small fan to soften the heat? Then a box fan is exactly what you are looking for. You can place these small fans almost anywhere. They are designed to offer as much cooling as possible while being as compact as possible. The box fans come with a controller so that you can adjust the speed and movement of the fan as desired. The fans can direct the air flow differently by moving the grille without the fan itself moving. This ensures that you are not distracted by the movement of the box fan.

    Table fan

    Tristar table fans are ideal for every working environment. Thanks to the small size, they are perfect to place on any surface. Thanks to the different settings, it is possible to adjust the fan exactly to your wishes. With this you can also use the fan in larger rooms. Place the fan with the automatic turning position in the corner of a room and you can use it to ventilate the entire room. The swivel function has a maximum range of 80 degrees. You can also fix the fan so that the air always blows in the same direction.

    Standing fans

    The standing fans are ideally suited to cool the somewhat larger rooms. Such as an office, living room or bedroom. The fans have different positions so that they always offer optimal cooling. Thanks to the rotary function, it is possible to cool an entire room. The standing fans from Tristar have a creative appearance as well as good operation. For example, various retro fans are available, and various metal fans. These fans fit into any modern home interior. Are you looking for a fan that provides cooling at night? Then you could take a look at our fans with a night mode. This mode ensures that maximum cooling is spread without making too much noise

    Tower fans

    The tower fans are suitable for every room. The fans are equipped with different positions so that optimum cooling can always be offered for the room. The tower fans are very compact, so they can be placed anywhere without taking up too much space.

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