Some people do not enjoy doing the ironing. With the Tristar clothes steam irons, the job will be finished in no time!
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Tristar ST-8918 Ferro Caldeira
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    Get the ironing done quickly with Tristar clothes irons

    Some people do not enjoy doing the ironing. With the Tristar clothes irons, the job will be finished in no time. It is important to buy a clothes iron that meets your requirements, because that will make ironing more pleasant.

    Steam iron

    If you choose a steam iron, steam is released when ironing. The steam jet can be controlled with a button on the iron, so that you decide how much steam you need for a fabric.

    Steam generator

    Do you iron a lot or do you have to iron difficult-to-iron fabrics? Then a steam generator iron is highly recommended. A steam generator iron generates extra steam, which makes the ironing quicker and more efficient. The steam penetrates deeply into the clothes, so that difficult-to-remove creases are easily removed. The water reservoir remains on the ironing board, making the iron light and easily manoeuvrable.
    Steam does not only remove creases more easily, but it also kills bacteria. Your clothes are guaranteed to be fresh and clean every time they have been ironed.

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