Who is not fond of Belgian waffles? With the Tristar waffle irons, you make your own waffles and when they are freshly made, they are even more delicious!
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Tristar WF-2195 Máquina Waffles
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Tristar WF-1160 Máquina de Waffles
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Tristar WF-1170 Máquina de Fazer Cones para Gelado
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Tristar WF-1165 Máquina de Waffles
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Tristar WF-2119 Máquina de Waffles
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Tristar SA-1124 Máquina de Tartes
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Tristar WF-2120 Máquina de Waffles
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Tristar WF-1171 Máquina Waffles Frotas
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Tristar SA-1127 Máquina Cup Cake e Cake Pop
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    Waffle makers

    These handy waffle irons made by Tristar with adjustable thermostat bake Belgian waffles in no time so that you can enjoy a warm freshly baked waffle even on a weekday morning.

    Belgian waffles, who does not like them? With the Tristar waffle makers you can make them yourself so they are even more delicous! The waffle makers are in the form of Brussels waffles or heart shape. The Brussels waffles are made of thicker batter and square in shape. The heart waffles are in the shape of a heart and therefore a bit thinner and crispier. Do you like to make larger quantities at the same time? Then go for a double waffle iron with which you make larger quantities in one go. All waffle irons become evenly hot, giving you perfect evenly baked waffles. With the different positions you can also set in what degree you want the waffles to be crispy. Our serving tip for when you are done baking: strawberries and whipped cream or warm cherries.

    The Tristar Waffle irons come in various shapes and sizes. Do you want to bake regular waffles or with a mold? Everything is possible with the waffle irons from Tristar.

    The waffle irons are equipped with a non-stick coating to ensure that your waffle does not stick to the iron. In addition, it is also a lot easier to clean thanks to this non-stick coating.

    The waffle irons are all on non-slip feet so that the device will never accidentally be knocked out of place.

    Thanks to an indicator light on the device you can see exactly when the sandwich iron has reached the right temperature. Because the waffle irons all have strong heat elements, they are very quickly at the right temperature. This means you never have to wait long and everyone can bake the most delicous waffles at home!

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