It is not only fun for the holidays! With the Tristar electric grill plates and hotplates, you always cook something delicious.
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Tristar BP-2630 Grelhador de Mesa
Nº Produto BP-2630
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Tristar BP-2634 Máquina de Crepes
Nº Produto BP-2634
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Tristar BP-2637 Máquina de Crepes
Nº Produto BP-2637
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Tristar BP-2641 Grelhador Bamboo XL
Nº Produto BP-2641
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Tristar BP-2642 Grelhador Bamboo
Nº Produto BP-2642
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Tristar BP-2750 Grelhador de Chapa
Nº Produto BP-2750
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Tristar BP-2755 Grelhador de Chapa
Nº Produto BP-2755
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Tristar BP-2780 Grelhador & Barbeque Eléctrico
Nº Produto BP-2780
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Tristar BP-2781 Grelhador
Nº Produto BP-2781
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    Table grills

    Raclette makes eating together even more fun!

    It is not only fun for the holidays! With the Tristar electric grill plates and hotplates, you always cook something delicious. By serving a number of small dishes, there is always something for everybody. And it is even more fun to cook your own food! The range of raclette sets includes products with hotplates and grill plates. Each appliance has its own advantages and disadvantages and the best appliance for you depends on your own needs. If you do not like doing the washing up, make sure you choose a plate with a non-stick coating. The table grill is most suitable for cooking normal pieces of meat. Combinations of different ingredients are best to cook in the pans of a raclette set. One thing is certain: each of the appliances guarantees a wonderful evening. Have fun!

    Table grills

    Use you hotplate or grill plate in the kitchen or on a table Easily grill meat, fish or vegetables. With the grill plate, your food also gets those professional-looking griddle marks. The table grills often have an extra long power cord, so that you can easily use them in different places. Do you want something unique? Then take a look at the xxl table grill. Thanks to the 1-metre long hotplate, there is always enough space.

    High-edge frying pan

    The electric high-edge frying pan can be used for every type of cooking. Make a delicious tortilla or fry potatoes. One-pan meals or party snacks can also easily be cooked in this pan. Easily adjust the temperature up to a maximum of 280 ⁰C. This pan is not only useful in the kitchen, but can also be used on a table or on a camp site.

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