It is not only fun for the holidays! With the Tristar grill pans, you always cook something delicious.
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Tristar PZ-2881 Grelhador Multifunções
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Tristar PZ-2963 Grelhador Multifunções
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Tristar PZ-2964 Grelhador Multifunções
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Tristar PZ-9145 Grelhador Multifunções XXL
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    Grill pans

    High-edge frying pan.

    The electric high-edge frying pan can be used for every type of cooking. Make a delicious tortilla or fry potatoes. One-pan meals or party snacks can also easily be cooked in this pan. Easily adjust the temperature up to a maximum of 280 ⁰C. This pan is not only useful in the kitchen, but can also be used on a table or on a camp site.

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