Have you made a new years resolution or do you simply lead a healthy life style? Then you cannot do without a blender in your kitchen.
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Tristar BL-4430 Liquidificadora
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Tristar BL-4431 Liquidificadora
Nº Produto BL-4431
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Tristar BL-4435 Liquidificadora Portátil
Nº Produto BL-4435
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Tristar BL-4441 Liquidificadora
Nº Produto BL-4441
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Tristar BL-4445 Liquidificadora
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Tristar BL-4447 Liquidificadora
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Tristar BL-4450 Liquidificadora
Nº Produto BL-4450
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Tristar BL-4456 Liquidificadora Jarros Mason
Nº Produto BL-4456
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Tristar BL-4457 Máquina de Sumos e Sopas
Nº Produto BL-4457
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Tristar BL-4458 Liquidificadora
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Tristar BL-4464 Liquidificadora
Nº Produto BL-4464
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    Make the healthiest juices in two shakes!

    Have you made a resolution or do you simply lead a healthy life style? Then you cannot do without a blender in your kitchen. With the Tristar blenders, the possibilities are limitless. Make healthy smoothies, sports shakes, soups, sauces, dressings, baby food, milkshakes or cocktails. All with just one device.

    Which blender is ideal for you?

    Tristar blenders are available in many different shapes and sizes and they each have their own specific properties. Which blender is best for you depends on what you use it for. Do you want to make a large quantity in one go? Then choose a blender with a big jug. Or do you place more importance on the speed of the blender and it being able to blend both hard and soft ingredients? Then choose a powerful blender with variable speed settings and extra cutting blades. Of course, we also offer a portable model - the blender-to-go - so that you can make a smoothie no matter where you are. In short, every need has its own blender.

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