Replace four devices at once with the handy Tristar MX-4801 Hand Blender Set. This extensive set comes complete with a whisk, chopper and measuring cup for preparing pesto, smoothies and whipped cream.

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Tristar MX-4801 Conjunto Varinha, Batedeira e Picadora
Nº Produto MX-4801
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Tristar MX-4195 Conjunto Varinha, Batedeira e Picadora
Nº Produto MX-4195
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Tristar MX-4150 Varinha
Nº Produto MX-4150
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Tristar MX-4154 Conjunto Varinha, Batedeira e Picadora
Nº Produto MX-4154
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Tristar MX-4829 Conjunto Varinha, Batedeira e Picadora
Nº Produto MX-4829
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Tristar MX-4199 Varinha
Nº Produto MX-4199
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Tristar MX-4802 Varinha e Liquidificadora 2 em 1
Nº Produto MX-4802
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Tristar MX-4825 Varinha Mágica
Nº Produto MX-4825
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Tristar MX-4800 Varinha
Nº Produto MX-4800
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    Hand blenders

    The Tristar hand blenders are designed to make soups and smoothies as easy as possible. The blender comes with several accessories to make it a very divers kitchen help. If you are looking for a device you can use with many different purposes, the hand blender set is probably the best suit for your needs.

    All accessories are suitable to be cleaned in a dishwasher and can be used separately. The Tristar hand blenders are equipped with an adjustable speed so that you can use the device in the way that suits you best.

    The hand blenders have a capacity of approximately 200 watts, depending on your choice. If you want more power, then you can consider the Nutri hand blenders. This grinds your shakes super fast thanks to the bigger 500 watts motor.

    The Nutri hand blenders are made for intensive use. The supplied water bottle is of virtually indestructible heavy quality. This makes the water bottle very suitable to be taken to the gym every day or on the road in the car. This bottle is of course also dishwasher proof.

    Various Tristar hand blenders are equipped with different speed settings for the motor. For example, you can choose to mix the content fine or coarse. Depending on your choice, you can use this to mix the content exactly as you wish.

    When you choose a hand blender set, you will receive four accessories next to your blender depending on the set. Together with these accessories, they are incredibly versatile devices with which you can make many different jobs a lot easier.

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