Do you need extra heating indoors or outdoors? With the Tristar heating solutions, you can create the perfect temperature, both indoors and outdoors.
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Tristar KA-5287 Stufa elettrica da esterno
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Tristar KA-5075 Termoventilatore ceramica
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Tristar KA-5070 Termoventilatore ceramica
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Tristar KA-5818 Termoconvettore
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Tristar KA-5010 Stufa elettrica
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Tristar KA-5064 Termoventilatore ceramica
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Tristar KA-5084 Termoventilatore a presa
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Tristar KA-5914 Termoconvettore
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Tristar KA-5912 Termoconvettore
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    Electric heaters

    Indoor and outdoor electric heating

    Do you need extra heating indoors or even outdoors? With the Tristar heating solutions, you always have the perfect temperature, both indoors and outdoors. Do you need extra heating on the coldest days of the year? The electric radiators give you the extra warmth that you want. The radiators are easy to move and can, therefore, easily be used in different rooms. Do you want to be nice and warm when sitting outside on your patio? The patio heaters create the comfortable temperature you are looking for. Do you want a mobile heater? Then choose a heater on a stand. Do you not have too much space and do you prefer to have a heater in a fixed location? Then choose a heater that can be attached to a wall.

    Industrial heaters

    Do you often work outside or in a cold shed? The industrial heaters have enough power to produce enough heat in a short period of time. The different settings ensure that the temperature can be set as required. The handle makes it easy to carry them and move them elsewhere.

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