Always look your best with Tristar! Always feel your best, both inside and out, with the Tristar hairstylers.
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Tristar HD-2400 Brosse chauffante
No. d'article HD-2400
Tristar HD-2399 Fer à boucler automatique
No. d'article HD-2399
Tristar HD-2362 Brosse à air chaud
No. d'article HD-2362
Tristar HD-2360 Lisseur
No. d'article HD-2360


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    Straight or curly hair, what do you prefer? With the Tristar hair straightening irons and curling irons, you can style your hair exactly as you want to. With the straightening irons, you can make your hair smooth and straight in no time at all. Or would you prefer a fun, curly look? The curling tongs give you perfect curls! Can you not decide between straight or curly hair, or do you just like to change your hairstyle every now and then? The rotating brushes not only dry your hair, but also help you to style it just how you want it.

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