When it is a nice sunny and hot day, with the Tristar airconditioners, you always have the perfect temperature.
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Purificateur d'air
No. d'article LF-4730
Tristar AT-5452 Rafraichisseur d'air
No. d'article AT-5452
Tristar AT-5451 Rafraichisseur d'air
No. d'article AT-5451
Tristar AT-5450 Rafraichisseur d'air
No. d'article AT-5450
Tristar AC-5562 Climatiseur mobile
No. d'article AC-5562
IPX2 8713016042750
Tristar AC-5560 Climatiseur mobile
No. d'article AC-5560
IPX2 8713016042736
Tristar AC-5531 Climatiseur mobile
No. d'article AC-5531
IPX2 8713016042712
Tristar AC-5529 Climatiseur mobile
No. d'article AC-5529
IPX2 8713016042699
Tristar AC-5477 Climatiseur mobile
No. d'article AC-5477
IPX2 8713016043825
Tristar AC-5422 Climatiseur fixe (Inverter)
No. d'article AC-5422
Tristar AC-5421 Climatiseur fixe (Inverter)
No. d'article AC-5421
Tristar AC-5420 Déshumidificateur
No. d'article AC-5420
Tristar AC-5410 Déshumidificateur
No. d'article AC-5410


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    Air conditioners

    Would you like to have a cool breeze on a hot day? There is an air conditioner that is suitable for your situation. The compact, mobile air conditioners are easy to move and often have a large range, so that they can be used in different places. Do you always need cool air in the same room? Then a split unit air conditioner is a good idea. These powerful air conditioners have an indoor unit and an outdoor unit and cool a room in no time. An extra advantage of the spit unit air conditioners is the integrated air humidity control, which means that you do not only control the temperature, but also the relative humidity.

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