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Artikel-Nr. FO-1100
Design Edelstahl Fondue Set für 8 Personen. Mit einem Inhalt von 1 L und dem praktischen drehbaren Saucenring, bestehend aus 6 Schälchen, ist Fondue-Spaß garantiert!
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Design Edelstahl Fondue Set für 8 Personen. Mit einem Inhalt von 1 L und dem praktischen drehbaren Saucenring, bestehend aus 6 Schälchen, ist Fondue-Spaß garantiert!
Spülmaschinenfestes Zubehör Ja
Regelbarer Thermostat Ja
Gehäusematerial Edelstahl
Anti-Rutsch-Füße Ja
Kabelaufwicklung Ja
Integrierte Handgriffe Ja
Leistung 1300
Kontrolllampen Ja
Hitzebeständiges Gehäuse Ja
Geeignet für 8
Verdecktes Heizelement Ja
Maximale Füllmengenmarkierung Ja
Inhalt 1
Heizelemente Ja
Warmhaltefunktion Ja
Steckertyp F
Anzahl der enthaltenen Gabeln 8
Edelstahlgabeln Ja
Drehbarer Saucenring mit Soßenschalen Ja
Tragegriffe Ja
EAN Item/Giftbox 8713016011008
Brand Code 0
Produkt FAQ
No, this is not recommended, as the chocolate is combined with the food during the chocolate fountain process.
You can use the oil up to 3-4 times. It is important to seal the oil and store it in a cool place, otherwise it will not keep. When the oil is old it produces an unpleasant odour, it bubbles, and becomes a thick and darker liquid. Because old oil does not improve with the addition of new oil, we advise you to change the oil completely.
Yes, however please notice that cheese fondue is on a very low temperature instead of oil fondue which is done with a high temperature. Otherwise the cheese will burn.
Once the chocolate has hardened in the chocolate fountain, turn on the device using the HEAT setting. DO NOT use HEAT FLOW as this can damage the motor. After the chocolate has melted you can use the normal steps of cleaning the chocolate fountain.
Step 1: Remove the plug from the socket and let the appliance cool down.
Step 2: Disassemble all parts.
Step 3: Clean all parts before the chocolate solidifies.
Step 4: Pour the remaining chocolate from the base. Don't pour the chocolate into the sink or drain.
Step 5: Clean the outside of the appliance with a soft and slightly moistened cloth.

1) Do not use any toxic or abrasive cleaning supplies. Regular kitchen cleaner is sufficient.
2) Never immerse the appliance in water and never use the dishwasher for cleaning the appliance.
You can use a variety of fruits, cookies, marshmallows.
If you use frozen products, make sure that they are completely thawed before use! Do not use large pieces of meat, as these take longer to cook. Also, the products to be thawed should be dried carefully so that the oil does not bubble over.
We recommend using vegetable, sunflower or peanut oil. Animal fat is rich in saturated fats and is definitely not recommended by nutritionists. Vegetable fat has a low fatty acid content and is naturally rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. The electric deep fryer reaches a temperature of 180/190°C. This is the maximum temperature for oil without the risk of its quality deteriorating.

Replace the oil/fat after every eighth deep-frying session when frying pastry products, and after every twelve sessions if you only fry fries.
Use chocolate with a high percentage of cacao butter. You can add a little bit of tasteless sun flower oil, to make the chocolate more liquid.
Use only pure vegetable oils. The oil must be able to be brought to a very high temperature, should be tasteless, and may not smoke or spatter. Animal fats or oils are therefore inappropriate. It is also not possible to mix different types of oil.
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