Tristar KM-2270 Kaffeemühle

Artikel-Nr. KM-2270
Edelstahl Kaffemühle im trendigen 50er Jahre Design. Ergibt 70g Kaffee für max. 10 Tassen Kaffee.
Edelstahl Kaffemühle im trendigen 50er Jahre Design. Ergibt 70g Kaffee für max. 10 Tassen Kaffee.
Gehäusematerial Edelstahl
Kabelaufwicklung Ja
Leistung 150
Kontrolllampen Nein
Funktionen Mahlen
An/Aus Schalter Ja
Leistungsstufen 1
Klingenmaterial Rostfreier Stahl
Verschließbar mit Sicherheitsverschluss Ja
Anzahl der Klingen 2
Trockenkochschutz Nein
Steckertyp C - CEE 1/16
Garantie 2 Jahre
Hauptmaterial Edelstahl
Pulsschalter Ja
Schwenkfilter Nein
Automatisches Abschalten Nein
EAN Item/Giftbox 8713016022707
Brand Code 0
Produkt FAQ
You should descale your coffeemaker approximately every 2 to 4 months, this of course depends on how often you use the coffeemaker and how hard the water is in your area. You can use liquid or powdered descaling agents, which should be used according to the information on the packaging.

For descaling with white vinegar:
1) Dilute 2 cups of vinegar with 2 cups of water.
2) Pour the cold descaling solution into the water tank, place a paper filter or permanent filter in the filter holder and place the glass coffeepot with the lid on in the appliance
3) Switch on the appliance.
4) Once half of the descaling solution has run through the appliance, switch off the appliance and leave to act for 1 hour.
5) Then switch it back on and run the rest of the solution run through the appliance.
6) After descaling the coffeemaker, be sure to run clean water through it two or three times.
There's too much limescale in the machine, you need to descale the coffee maker.
The appliance is probably not connected properly. Correctly plug in the appliance.
Step 1: Clean the lid with warm water and a mild detergent.
Step 2: Clean the motor drive with a damp cloth.
Step 3: Dry all parts thoroughly.

1) Do not put any parts in the dishwasher.
2) Never immerse the motor unit in water.
Avoid water with a high mineral content that will give the coffee a strange taste. Tap water is ideal. Most chlorine will disappear when the boiling point is reached. Limestone is flavourless, but prevents the water from running smoothly through the coffeemaker: the more there is, the longer it takes for the water to run through the coffeemaker.
Make sure you are using one filter (some paper filters stick together). If you are using a permanent filter, you no longer need to use a paper filter.
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Anleitungen und downloads
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