Tristar SZ-1980 Stiel-Staubsauger

Artikel-Nr. SZ-1980
Tristar SZ-1980 Stiel-Staubsauger
Tristar SZ-1980 Stiel-Staubsauger
Kabelaufwicklung Nein
Leistung 100
An/Aus Schalter Ja
Leistungsstufen 2
Inhalt 1.5
Multifunktion 2-in-1
Kabellos Ja
Energieklasse NA
Staub-Rückhaltung NA
Bürste inklusive Ja
Geräuschpegel 75
Tragemöglichkeit Ja
Staubaufnahme auf harten Böden NA
Stromversorgung Batterie
Steckertyp C
Hauptmaterial Metall
Farbe Grau
Ladefunktion Ja
Lautstärke 75
Teleskoprohr Nein
Automatische Kabelaufwicklung Nein
Auswaschbarer Filter Ja
Permanenter Filter Ja
Ladezeit 5
Hygienische Behälterentleerung Ja
Bürste inkl. Ja
Rohrlänge 70
HEPA-Filter Ja
Arbeitsvermögen 900
Filtersystem Ja 4
Aktionsradius NA
Lebensdauer des Motors 150
Laufgeschwindigkeitseinstellung niedrig / hoch 40/25
Schallleistungspegel 75
Tragegriffe Ja
EAN Item/Giftbox 8713016057945
Brand Code 0
Produkt FAQ
With a clean filter, the suction power remains optimal and pleasant to use. Ideally you should clean the filter after a few uses. Princess offers several bagless vacuum cleaners with different cleaning systems. Refer to the manual for the instructions that apply to your product, and if you are still having trouble, please feel free to contact us as we will gladly be of assistance.
Some vacuum cleaners come equipped with a washable blower filter.
You can only clean washable filters with water. Non-washable HEPA blower filters cannot be cleaned and must be replaced every year. Replace a washable blower filter after you have cleaned it four times under the tap or after two years of use without cleaning.

IMPORTANT Never clean the filter with a brush.
The filter cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher. Ensure that the filter is completely dry before putting it back in the appliance.

Cleaning the filter:
Remove the filter from the appliance.
Rinse the folded side of the filter with warm tap water. Do not let the tap flow too hard. Hold the filter with the pleated side up and let the water run along the folds. Keep the filter at an angle so that the water rinses the dirt out of the folds. Rotate the filter 180° and let the water flow in the opposite direction along the folds. Shake the water gently from the filter surface. Let the filter dry for at least 2 hours prior to placing it back in the vacuum cleaner.
NOTE: Cleaning the filter will not give it its original colour back, but its filter capacity will be restored. For optimal dust control and suction you should always replace the filter with an original filter.
You can clean the dust bucket with lukewarm/hot water and a little detergent. The dust bucket is not dishwasher safe.
Check the nozzle for damage before use and make sure the brushes are clean. This can prevent damage to your floor. If necessary, you can search for and order replacement parts.
This is often because the vacuum cleaner bag is full, or due to insufficient quality of the bag. Check whether the vacuum cleaner bag is full and whether the filters are clean. Generic bags of a questionable quality are available at many stores. These non-genuine bags can even permanently damage the engine.
Your vacuum cleaner may have built up static electricity. The lower the humidity in the room, the more static electricity the appliance collects. You can solve this as follows: discharge your appliance by regularly holding the metal tube against other metal objects in the room (for example against table or chair legs, radiators, etc.). We also recommend increasing the humidity in the room by placing water. You can for example hang water tanks on the radiators or place plates with water on or near the radiators.
Since vacuum cleaners pick up many different types of dirt, they may take on an unpleasant odour. One way to remedy this is by using scent tablets. What you can also do is dab a piece of toilet paper with a little cologne or aftershave and place it in your vacuum cleaner bag.
The vacuum cleaner should not be used for picking up broken glass or other sharp and pointed objects, hot ashes, soot, cigarettes, chemicals, stone dust, plaster, cement or similar fine dust, foam, water or other liquids!
Do not wait with emptying the dust bucket until it is nearly full. For optimal performance we recommend regularly cleaning and/or renewing the filter
For optimum performance, the HEPA should ideally be replaced every six months. These filters cannot be cleaned with water. It depends of course on how often you use the vacuum cleaner.
For optimum performance, the HEPA should ideally be replaced every six months. These filters cannot be cleaned with water. It depends of course on how often you use the vacuum cleaner.
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