The AP-4787 Air Purifier

Helps to reduce allergy and asthma complaints

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Household and kitchen basics

Explore our extensive range of value for money items in various categories, ranging from blenders, grills and juicers to cool boxes, irons and vacuum cleaners.

Delicious meat with slowcooking

Experience the best taste for meat. The lower temperatures ensure a rich flavour development, because all ingredients have time to give off flavour. Check out the VS-3920 Digital Slowcooker!

Tristar SZ-2000 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Thanks to the built-in brushless motor, the Tristar SZ-2000 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner has an extremely high suction power. It is suitable for all floors!

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Air conditioner


This mobile air conditioner which is compact and well designed can be used anywhere where cooling is needed. It has a low energy consumption which is why it is marked with energy label A. The effect can be felt immediately.

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Sewing Machine


The Tristar SM-6000 is an entry level sewing machine with 10 built-in patterns. Convenient to use, with every function you can expect from a basic sewing machine. Sew trousers and sleeves without effort with the free arm. The Tristar Sewing Machine is very simple to operate, so is suitable for novices. Select one of the 10 built-in patterns with the rotary so you can easily sew a straight or a zigzag stitch. With its easy to thread system you can start sewing swiftly.

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Tristar KA-5816 Convector heater
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