Always look your best with Tristar! Always feel your best with the Tristar trimmers.
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Tristar TR-2544 Hair trimmer
Item No. TR-2544
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Tristar TR-2561 Hair trimmer
Item No. TR-2561
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Tristar TR-2563 Beard trimmer
Item No. TR-2563
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Tristar TR-2571 Nose and Ear Trimmer
Item No. TR-2571
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Tristar TR-2587 Nose and ear trimmer
Item No. TR-2587
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    Quickly achieve the desired result with the Tristar hair trimmers. Style your beard or hair with the Tristar hair trimmers. Thanks to the different attachments, you can decide how long you want your hair. Most Tristar trimmers come with an extra comb and oil for the applience. 

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