Do you want to enjoy dinner with your guests without having to spend much time in the kitchen? Fondue is the solution!
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Tristar CF-1603 Chocolate fountain
Item No. CF-1603
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Tristar CF-1606 Chocolate Fondue and Melter
Item No. CF-1606
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Tristar FO-1107 Fondue
Item No. FO-1107
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Tristar FO-1108 Bamboo Fondue
Item No. FO-1108
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Tristar FO-1109 Fondue Family Set
Item No. FO-1109
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    Dining together with friends and / or family, nothing is as cozy as that. Is standing in the kitchen for hours not your favorite hobby, but still want to put something delicious on the table? The fondue set is the solution! Not only the most famous fondue options such as cheese, oil and broth fondue are among the options, but also Japanese and beer fondue are very popular at the moment.

    The Tristar fondue sets are electric and heat up quickly, and thanks to the keep-warm function you can enjoy your heated fondue all evening. You determine the number of people you are going to fondue with; alone or with up to 8 people at a time, it is all possible. For a nice ending to your evening, choose a fondue with parts that are dishwasher-safe. This also saves time in the kitchen after a long dinner!

    The Tristar fondue sets come with an adjustable thermostat. You can use this to determine exactly how hot the fondue pan is. After use you can easily lift the pan to wash it or clean it in the dishwasher. All other items included in the fondue set are dishwasher safe.

    The Fo-1100 is equipped with six sauce trays with which you save space on the table. These trays are also dishwasher proof. This fondue set is the largest of its kind. This allows you to eat with up to eight people at a time. Because this fondue set has a considerable capacity of 1300 watts, the pan is quickly warm and stays well at the right temperature. The precise temperature can again be set as desired with the rotary knob.

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