These are the must-haves for every kitchen

23 October 2019
Kitchen must haves
A well-equipped kitchen with the right equipment is a must have for any hobby cook. There is a lot of kitchen equipment for sale, to get you a little on your way we have the top 5 must-haves for your kitchen.

Crispy Fryer XXL

The Tristar FR-6994 Crispy Fryer XXL has a volume of no less than 4.5 litres. Therefore, the air fryer has enough capacity to make fries for the whole family in one batch. You do not have to add oil, which makes it more healthy. Furthermore, the Crispy Fryer XXL is also suitable for baking, grilling or roasting all kinds of dishes.

Tristar FR-6994 Crispy Fryer XXL
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Food processor

Make cooking even more fun by having the Tristar MX-4823 Food Processor take over all chopping and slicing tasks. This compact food processor has a 1.5 litre bowl in which you can chop vegetables such as onions and bell peppers. Next to this, a 1.5 litre blender jug is included with which you can make delicious smoothies. From curry paste to spaghetti sauce, the Tristar Food Processor makes everything fast and easy.

Tristar MX-4823 Food processor
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Citrus Juicer

You can prepare a delicious and healthy juice in no time with the Tristar CP-3002 Citrus Juicer. This stylish electric citrus juicer is suitable for all types of citrus fruits thanks to the two different press cones, and it comes with every convenience. The unique press lever makes sure you can juice fruit with much less force while getting even more juice out of them.

Tristar CP-3002 Citrus juicer
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Contact Grill

The Tristar GR-2853 Contact Grill allows you to prepare all types of ingredients in a healthy way in no time. Because you can open the grill 180⁰, you can also use it as a table grill. You can determine the temperature yourself by using the thermostat.

Tristar GR-2853 Contact Grill
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Digital Slowcooker

Craving healthy and fresh food when you get home from work, but don’t feel like spending the evening in the kitchen? Use the Tristar slowcooker and prepare your food beforehand. Meals are cooked slowly in the slowcooker which results in meat being more juicy and healthy nutrients being preserved. This Tristar slowcooker has a content of 4.5 liters, so you can cook for your whole family and serve a nice and healthy meal.

Tristar VS-3920 Digital Slowcooker
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